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Customer survey kiosk

Customer Survey Kiosk

Simple, Intuitive Customer Survey Kiosks for Real-time Customer Feedback
  • Survey Data Transmitted in Real-time
  • Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Installations
  • Custom Survey Software & Reports Designed to Your Requirements
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touch-screen survey kiosk

Kiosk Design & Environment

Our customer survey kiosks are custom designed to fit your environment or decor...indoors and out. Outdoor use survey kiosks are weather-proof with de-humidifiers and anti-glare technology and are impact-resistant.

We have a wide range of customer survey kiosks to suit any environment, including slimline and wall mounted kiosks, each custom-wrapped in the client´s branding.

survey kiosk locations

Location, Location, Location

Avius Insight™ experts use anthropological and/or traffic pattern methods to determine high impact, logical locations for your customer survey kiosk driving higher capture and penetration. Survey kiosks are ideal for those customers that want to deliver feedback without a face to face interaction, but want to know that their opinions will be heard and actioned in real-time. In turn, touch-screen survey kiosks eliminate this face to face element that can influence feedback and present slightly biased results. Through survey kiosk feedback all results are the direct insight into the mind of the customer.

Customer survey kiosk

Avius Insight Survey Kiosks

Avius Insight touch-screen survey kiosks make it possible for your customers to give honest feedback about their visit at the point of experience. The survey kiosks use bespoke survey software to capture data and the in-depth, customised reports are designed to identify opportunities to improve the user experience.

Real-time Kiosk Feedback

The data collected on the customer survey kiosk is collated in real-time and translated into customised reports. Our team work with you to ensure you get the most from your reporting tools, whether it be weekly cross-tabulation reports or daily ‘at a glance scores.