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ipad survey

iPad Survey

Learn exactly what your customers think with an Avius Insight iPad Survey
  • Clear, graphical iPad Survey App custom designed to your requirements
  • Customised reports to let you get the most from your survey data
  • Optional Floor, Counter-top & Wall Mounted iPad Survey Kiosk Enclosure
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Mobile Intercept Surveys

Now you can eliminate the clipboard and arm your team members with a mobile, face to face and interactive solution. Our iPad surveys are designed with a more conversational and interactive approach in mind, perfect for use during a mobile intercept survey campaign. An iPad survey is perfect for engaging in different touch points throughout your cycle of service where people tend to gather.

ipad survey

iPad Survey Kiosks for Public Areas

iPad Surveys can also be deployed in high footfall public areas using our range of tamper-proof floor mounted, counter-top and wall mounted iPad Survey Kiosk enclosures.

The survey kiosks are designed specifically for the iPad and allow the survey system to be permanently or temporarily located, without the staff cost overhead typically associated with mobile intercept surveys.

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Avius Insight iPad Survey

The Avius Insight iPad Survey solution combines bespoke iPad Survey Apps with powerful custom data reporting options to give real insight into your customers’ experiences.

Every part of our survey system is designed around the requirements of your business, from the custom graphics and branding used in the iPad Survey App interface to the vast suite of custom reporting options that can be tailored to match your needs. We make sure that the voice of your customer can be heard, and give you the tools to respond effectively.

iPad customer survey

iPad Survey Sampling

If you require a more regulated and systematic approach to gathering your feedback and want to ensure you are engaging with a broad spectrum of customers, the mobile tablet or iPad devices offer an ideal way to regulate your survey, whereby only a specific number of customers are approached for example, every 20th customer.

This approach, which is often combined with Avius touch-screen survey kiosks, online surveys and text feedback solutions, provides a thorough penetration of your customers and all demographics.